Internship Program

Internships are a wonderful opportunity to encourage our industry’s young talent while fostering fresh ideas within the office.

Five years ago, DMS started an internship program as a way to bring fresh perspectives on design and technology tools through student engagement from area architectural degree programs.

“Interns are a valuable part of the production process here at DMS. Not only do they gain important industry knowledge from hands-on experience but they also bring in fresh new perspectives that we truly value,” shares Erin West, project manager, DMS design. “Having an internship program creates a more holistic approach to architectural design.”

In this mutually beneficial program, we immerse our interns in the architectural design process with construction site visits, working closely with project managers for drafting assignments, and attending lunch-and-learns presented by industry vendors. We recently had three interns through the Wentworth Institute of Technology’s student co-op program for the summer semester. One goal for our internship program is to potentially hire DMS interns that excel within our environment once they have finished school. We’ve recently met that goal by hiring a previous intern, Leah Rogoz, as a full-time architectural coordinator!

Past intern Scarlett Hanks shares, “My time at DMS allowed me to expand both my technical skills and knowledge of the industry. From site visits to working in both AutoCAD and Revit, I was fully immersed in the design and construction process. As an intern, I worked on a variety of projects, gained experience in programs I had not yet been exposed to, and learned design standards that I was able to incorporate into studio projects at University. I worked with a great team of designers and was glad I had the opportunity to safely work at the office in person. Overall, my 5 months at DMS in 2020 assured me I was following the right career path and helped me determine my post-grad goals!”

Since the program started, we’ve hosted a number of innovative interns with the majority enrolled as 3rd and 4th-year architectural students at Wentworth Institute of Technology and Northeastern University. We always look forward to having these students join us for the few months they are with us, as they bring great energy to our projects and to our office!