Arch & Des

Honoree Employees

We are proud to finally announce that we have officially welcomed Arch and Des to the DMS design team as honorary employees. These long-time DMS design property roamers keep our grounds free of bugs and pests, ensuring that all walks to company vehicles are bug-bite-free! Des and Arch bring this long-time bug-eating experience to DMS design to aid in our environmental sustainability efforts and to serenade the offices with their sweet honking melodies (especially during Zoom calls).

Both geese have degrees in office groundskeeping from Geese Online University (GOU). Arch and Des also enjoy furthering their bug-eating expertise in their spare time (even off-hours – how dedicated), practicing and performing their honking musical routines. They are so dedicated to their craft that they have foregone their annual flight south during colder weather. If you spot Arch and Des around the offices, be sure to honk “hello!” but keep your distance, as they are performing their super important work-duties and can be grumpy at times.

two geese in grass