Aging in Place

When you envisioned your retirement, did you picture yourself reading a book on the beach on a tropical island or perhaps traveling the globe visiting all the places you have wanted to see your whole life? This may be the dream for some, but a large percentage of seniors have much cozier and simpler aspirations – to live at home where they put down roots for as long as possible. Let’s take a closer look at aging in place and how DMS design can help you achieve this. 


According to a report by the AARP Public Policy Institute and the National Conference of State Legislatures, 90% of people over 65 want to remain living in their home during their “golden years.” For some, the reasoning is connected to the fact that they have family and lifetime friends living nearby, while for others, it is the emotional attachment to their home or the comfort of going to the same church, stores and restaurants. While for still others, there is a financial rationale that their home is paid for and their expenses will be small if they stay in the home that they own outright. Therefore, for emotional and financial reasons living in the home that they love and cherish has become the norm for seniors over 65.


Eventually staying at home, for whatever reasons, evolves into something that the healthcare field calls “Aging in Place.” This terms generally refers to the choice to live in one’s own home which has been designed to attend to changing needs that could have previously required a healthcare environment. This option can provide levels of dignity, mobility, and freedom unparalleled in typical senior living environments. At DMS design we have a wide number of design projects that can help you remain independent in your home even if you have some medical and/or mobility issues. For example, if mobility or stairs are an issue, we can work around your current home floor plan to expand a first floor room into a Master Bedroom suite or install an elevator within the framework of your existing home. We can design kitchens and bathrooms so that they are more accessible. For family members who would like to be closer to their children while still remaining independent, in-law apartments might the answer. Let us know your unique situation and we can design a solution that will help you “Age in Place” with dignity and a sense of freedom.


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