Benefits of Branding your Company through Interior Design

Most business owners understand the importance of using a consistent branding message when it comes to services and products. This is why it is not a surprise that so much time and effort is put into designing marketing materials, advertising strategies, logos, color schemes and signage. Recently, more savvy business leaders have also begun to take this branding a step further and make the link between brand identity and their physical workspace. Creating a clearly branded workspace environment through the architectural, layout, finishing materials, lighting, décor, and color choices can be extremely beneficial in many ways to reinforce and communicate your company’s brand. Let’s take a look at the benefits of branding your company through interior design.

First, think about your work space. Does the design send a message about who you are as company and a brand? For example, a company that deals in eco-friendly products may want clients, employees, and vendors to enter an office that conveys that message through construction or design details including: recycled or reclaimed material, environmentally friendly lighting, energy choices, and décor. Another example is the highly branded Apple Corporation that designs both their headquarters and each individual Apple store to communicate that they are technologically advanced, modern, and innovative. What does your office say about your brand?

How can environmental branding benefit your business?

  • A branded environment would help clients, employees, and management understand what your business stands for, whether it is hip and fresh, or established and traditional. Having everyone on the same page helps drive the mission of your business.
  • A design that takes your brand into consideration communicates not only your identity, but it also unifies the company culture.
  • Unique office designs set you apart from your competition and allow customers or clients to recognize your business and brand.
  • A branded environment allows for better morale in the office, and happier employees means better efficiency and productivity. It also means a higher retention rate.
  • By transforming a workspace, the layout, architecture, and décor can reinforce the personality of your business.

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